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Holistic counselor and psychotherapist, with a passion for spirit, soul and creativity in all forms!

Double Major - Psychology & Classical Studies with Honors & Deans List
Masters in Counseling Psychology - Mcgill University

Heart Centered Clinical Hypnotherapy - Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Level I & II

Energy Psychology: Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) -
Energy Medicine - Usui Reiki Master & Karuna Reiki Master

Astrological Explorations - 30 yrs
Sound Healing - Acutonics Level I
Tom Kenyon Sound Training
Various Shamanic Explorations

I reincarnated in a small town in Northern Quebec, called Val d’or. There was nothing particularly special about it except it was flat, cold, and full of people with a pioneering and surviving spirit. The name itself means valley of gold reflecting its original “raison d’etre”. The mine had long since lost its profitability to be kept open, and the people were more surviving the cold desolate land rather than pioneering in any spirited way.

The gold for me lay mostly in that dark night sky with billions of stars stretched across its expanse. A sky so black and with so many stars you could clearly see the path of the Milky Way as it stretch across the night sky. A sky so awe-full, I would often gasp as I looked up, and remember what was shining down on me. When the undulating and mesmerizing Northern Lights began it would throw me into a trance that only the cold would awaken.

I have always been curious, seeker whose spirit has been like a search-light shinning in the darkened areas of the recesses of soul, remembering there, where I/we come from. Remembering over and over what I/we keep forgetting – it is all about LOVE.

Nothing-new right! It has been said and sung so many times before. Yet still needs to be said again and again. And again and again we keep coming back because somehow we keep messing up. Clearly, I didn’t get it right. I have heard so many people before me – and have myself said it over and over again, that I don’t want to come back here… It is so hard… so loveless..yada yada yada. Then to paraprase Ghandi’s words “let us be the change we want see in this world”. Let us try and be the love and peaceful means that we so desire. I don’t mean being inauthentic and/or superficial and denying ones feelings. I mean let us go deeply into ourselves, into the places where we cannot love others or ourselves, where we feel hurt and cringe with pain, let us begin to bring light and the healing energy of spirit to ourselves.

I no longer say that I hate the way this world is – that heaven or the other side is better. No, I have not achieved, Nirvana, but a shift has happened – a peacefulness about being here- no matter what happens. I have no more answers except sharing my experiences. I have read many books in the field of; self-help, new age, occult, philosophy, psychology, Buddhism the list goes on. In the end the ones that I remember the most were people’s heartfelt stories of their experiences in the context of their spiritual growth and life. This is what I am attempting here.

Nothing gives me any more right than you to speak, except that I am writing it now, perhaps giving a voice or clarifying things you have felt, inclinations you have had, in short the aim is; share my experiences personally and professionally and in so doing perhaps aid your own learning and healing. In the end you have to put down all books and do the work. Your work, work that only your heart and soul can do. Perhaps this is the only message you need – to put down “the books” and do the work!

Years ago I had a dream, of the Dalai Lama. I was so excited telling him of the wonderful book I was reading. I was trying to relay why I thought it was so great, when I noticed he started getting frustrated and brusk with me and told me I need to stop reading and do. I understood do, as active involvement in my spiritual life. Quit watching the game, and start playing. I had been a meditator for years off and on, and took this message to heart and became much more disciplined in my practice, and more aware in my consciousness. I’ll take the message any way I can get it, sometimes we just need hear it over and over again.

Spirituality and a deep connection to the soul cannot be found through books, or blogs, or another’s words, guru or not, but through them we may learn to grow and expand into ourselves, as we allow more and more of ourselves to become present, but in the end it is OUR work of allowing and accepting.

May we all know the light of our own true nature.
Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski