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August 2009

When Spirit is my guide...

    I offer this prayer to whomever finds light and healing from its words.  The prayer itself was inspired by the Lord’s Prayer. 

    It is not my intention to suggest that the original is not good enough, or to detract from it’s meaning, but to share one aspect of the meaning I receive from it.   May all beings know the light of their true nature


When Spirit is
 my guide,
I shall not want.

Spirit guides me to healing waters where
Love restores my soul.
Spirit leads me on the path of devotion to love
for Love’s sake.

Though I walk through the valley of strong emotions,
I will fear none,
for Spirit is with me and
Love’s strength and power protects me.

Spirit presents before me
the history of my soul
 and its challenges
that I may forgive myself
and others
with love.

Love fills all the cells
of my body.
My being overflows
with love.

Peace and loving kindness
shall be with me all the days of my life
And I will dwell with
LOVE forever. 

©Fuzion Healing Arts, 2008
Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

Welcome to the Light - Dancing to Another Solstice 12/2008


The dialogue in my head started while in the bath, far away from any writing implements or recording paraphernalia.  It started as it often does with rapid assimilation of ideas, slowing to a merging of these ideas with my personal reality.  The beginning thought was this. “What would Jesus write?”

             Yes, in this world where teachers whose public beginnings start with many words and stories of their great works, attempting to capture their path to awareness through the delineations of the analytical mind… everyone writes a book. It speaks to a body of knowledge, and consistency of thought, a plan, a system and specific orientation. Again, what would Jesus write?   As quickly as I thought the question, the answer came to me.  He would write “The Book of Love.”  The more I thought of this, the more right it felt, and then it occurred to me that this book would come in two parts – his and hers.    I will address the hubris of His and Hers later…should you choose to continue your inquiry.

I was taken back in memory to a time many years ago when in a profound spiritual experience I was show the nature of our oneness and connection to all others was through the heart.   I saw white lines interconnecting all hearts and felt a knowing from a depth of my being that karma was the hearts ways of realigning with the original love vibration when that love had been harmed.  I felt my spirit vibrating at such a rapid rate I became frightened.  In my mind I asked what was happening, and was told that I was a molecule of love.  

We are all but molecules of love on an alchemical journey to discover through awareness the true essence or who we are, and have always been.  All things come into being through the cohesive power of love, all things pass through love, and in turn are healed by their return to this original state. All demons, real and imagined are transformed through love.  Love is the souls purpose.  Love is all there is to master no other precepts are needed, and yet it can at times be the most difficult to master.  So difficult that our bookshelves are filled with how to’s.  How to: love others in relationship, how to know if they love you, how to love ourselves, love God, how to not love too much, how to love what you do, what you have, what love is, what love is not...

The list is enormous, spanning across millenniums humankind has sought with the intellect to understand the heart.  There are always limits, for the mind can never truly know the heart, nor love.   Many a seeker and saint has undertaken the heroes journey only to come back speaking in parables and riddles that leave our mind in a constant loop wondering over and over its meaning, and if our focus is strong enough perhaps our mind will freeze into moments of bliss and beingness. We have forgotten that the mind is the servant of the heart, we have forgotten the wise mind of the heart.