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October 2009


   Synchronicity, a term popularized by C.G. Jung, is often defined to as the co-occurrence of events that are meaningfully related.  These co-occurrences are causally unrelated in nature, but are perceived as meaningful “coincidences”.  I use quotations because I believe that there are no coincidences, simply a lack of awareness of the web and rhythm of life of which we are an intricate part.  Experientially, synchronicities are perceived as the felt sense that somehow the inner and the outer world have come together in some manner, and moved into alignment. 

    The experiences of synchronicities are abundantly peppered throughout my life.  Sometimes they resonate loudly, like a gong in my ears alerting my attention.   Other times they are like highlighted words on a page, beckoning me to pay attention, confirming or acknowledging an experience.

    Here are a few recent experiences I would like to share.


White Feather

    While in meditation one morning, I felt a noble native presence behind me.   It is not unusual for me to sense these types of energies.  Call it guidance, or an active imagination, this was what I sensed and simply noted. Then came an impulse, a feeling or thought that flashed, as if being conveyed to me by this presence, that I needed a feather.  My “thinking mind”, always looking to input chimed in, “I have lots of feathers”.  Whenever I walk, I pick up feathers as my nature treasures.  I moved back into meditation and the space of openness and emptiness.  I had the impression again, this time stronger and more forceful– you need a feather.  Okay!  I thought, “I will bring one into my meditation area when I am done!”. 

    I had forgotten about this little exchange that took place during meditation and not less than ½ hour later I opened the front door, there on the front porch was a white feather!  My heart leapt and eyes teared as I gave gratitude for life’s miracles and mysteries.  In all of the 10 years living in this home, I have never found a feather on our porch – it has a large overhanging roof.  Furthermore, I have never found a white feather in our yard or neighborhood in any of my walks. 



    This event occurred more recently.  I was walking in a busy parking lot thinking about a recent retreat I had attended and the wonderful soulful connections I experienced with people I had met.  I came out of my reverie when my foot came down directly behind a handful of pennies that had been strewn upon the ground.  Wow!  How lucky, I thought, not one penny but a whole bunch!  When I got into the store I cleaned them off and counted them.  They equaled 13 – the same number of wonderful people I had met!

    Little synchronicities happen to us daily. How easy it is to pass them by, to walk on and not notice connections, validations, and confirmations that speak directly to our soul.  Take time daily to listen to your heart.  Take time to open to your spirit, and slow down to see the spirit in the world around you.  It is always there, everywhere.  It is our distracted rushing and busy-ness that prevents us from tasting the sweetness of life. 

    If you are so inclined, feel free to share your own synchronous events!