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Card of the Week: Aspiration

Sample.Aspiration Card

Definition: a strong desire to achieve something; aim; desired goal or objective; ambition; yearning

When we aspire toward something it is usually a movement of emotions and energy towards something greater.  Aspirations are the internal drives and ambitions that keep us moving forward and evolving into who we would like to become.  They guide our direction forward, though not necessarily the paths we take to get there.  Like a plant moving toward the sun, we move toward our aspirations.  Our spirit and soul can be guided by yearnings or goals, whether we are fully conscious of them or not. 

There can be challenges in fulfilling our aspirations including: making sure we have clarity around what our aspirations are; reassessing the alignment of our aspirations with our authentic nature; and lastly, not letting our aspirations overshadow our journey getting there. 

Aspirations assist our spirit and soul to move forward in all areas of our life.  The aspirations I had when making these cards was that they would assist in getting in touch with deeper parts of ourselves in a simple yet clear way.  I also aspired to reveal the magical interplay of the inner and outer world.

What are the aspirations that move you forward?  Are they for yourself, others, or both?  How do your aspirations change how you view the world?  Are you enjoying the journey that your aspirations are taking you on?  How are your aspirations guiding your life now?  Have you lost touch with your aspirations?

 © 2010 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski



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