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Card of the Week: Dark

Sample.Dark Card

Definition:  absence of light; absence of moral or spiritual values; an unenlightened state; causing dejection; showing a brooding ill humor

Dark is a place we all need to dive deeply into once in a while to find our luminescence deep within. Dark is quiet and empty and without pulse.  Its gripping silence and emptiness can be frightening.   In this silence we may hear our thoughts whirling, and feel the grip of strong old pain, or perhaps old beliefs, habits, or ways of thinking hampering our ability to feel joy or our inner peace.  When we dive in, if we hold our breath and struggle, we may be resisting and fighting against ourselves and the very essence of our being.

When we encounter the dark card it may be telling us that it is a time to turn inward and look deeply through the darkness to find the light and strength from within. 

It may come at a time when you are moving through some deep or painful issues in your life where you encounter your shadow or another’s shadow side that may be moving you off your center.  When in this phase, it is important to remember that out of the dark seasons of our lives much growth and light can come. Though the dark is the absence of light, you are never completely in the dark as there are always tiny specks of light. 

How do you move through the dark phases of your life?  When you are in a negative cycle are you overpowered by your negative habits or addictions of various sorts to get you through? Do you run, hide, fight, or accept where you are?  Where is your shadow casting itself?  Are you being affected by someonelse's dark cycle?


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Thank you for your comment Judy, and a belated thank you to Susan and Deborah. Sometimes it is better not to know and to sit with the feelings. The blue light you are drawn to is in my mind a key to this card!


I know you posted this months ago - but I feel moved to comment now. I don't know why, and maybe I don't need to know, but this card speaks to me right now. The blue light in the center is what I am drawn ro.

Thanks for sharing! I love your cards and your postings about them!


It was odd that your theme of darkness struck a chord. I have these days sometimes I call "Blue". They are days you wake and for no reason it seems you are sad and very blue. They don't strike often but when they do...they can go far into the dark.

Your card this week captures that "blue" feeling very well. I am encouraged however to know that these days are a rarity and that they pass quickly.

The thoughts of going inward to find light really sum up the feelings well. Thank you for your thoughts and your creativity.

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