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Card of the Week: ENTANGLEMENTS

Entanglements card1

Definition:  Snare; involvement; complication; entwined; confuse

Have you ever tried to untangle a ball of thread?  It can be difficult to see where one thread begins and the other ends.  This is the nature of the entanglement card.  Some suggest it is the nature of our network of interactions in the world.  I have experienced this card in two ways.  The first is simply finding that there is unknown interconnectivity between people or groups; the other involves more psychological entanglements.

When you are emotionally entangled in a situation it may be difficult to see the situation objectively. You may be too involved in something that is not really your concern, where others are too involved in your issues, or perhaps where there is a network of influences that are not known yet significantly affecting the situation.  Finding out where your involvement ends and others' begin may be unclear.  Boundaries are blurred and potentially enmeshed.  Projection of each person’s issues may make clarity and resolution difficult.

Look to your own internal attachments, desires, ambitions, expectations and fears, as they may be preventing you from seeing clearly.  Loosening your attachments and taking some distance on a situation may allow greater clarity.  There may be a hook into someone else’s energy that needs clearing. 

Disentangling is a process of detachment - clarifying your personal boundaries and those of others.  When do you feel drawn into something that is not your issue?  Are you fighting someone else’s battles or protecting someone emotionally?  Is your energetic involvement in others’ issues taking you off your path?

© 2010 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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