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Card of the Week: COMPASSION

Card of the Week: GUIDANCE

Guidance Card

Definition: the act or process of guiding; direction provided by a guide; vocational or educational advice; advice in general.

When this card comes up, it may be an opportunity to notice the guidance in your life, to pay attention to the guidance you may already be receiving or giving, or to recognize whether you may need to seek guidance at this juncture in your life.

Guidance is something we all need at times in our lives.  Sometimes we need greater clarity and direction to navigate a difficult course or to maintain alignment with our deep aspirations.  The process of receiving guidance is not one of being told or dictated to; rather, it is a process of being open and receptive to advice, suggestions or counsel. Ultimately the choice is always ours – to listen and to be receptive, or not. 

When we look to a friend, colleague or professional for guidance, we are seeking external sources of counsel, direction or corroboration.  This is a natural part of the flow of life and the open system that we are – always learning and exchanging with the world around us. It is however important to integrate everything we are guided to do with our own internal values, beliefs and felt sense. 

It may also be a time to turn our attention inward and listen to our own internal guidance, whatever one conceptualizes the nature of this connection to be. Our internal guidance can be accessed when we turn inward and quiet the noise of the world around us, and our chattering mind.  The process of contemplation requires that we move inward, center ourselves and enter into a place of calm and equanimity.  Once in this place, we can bring up our issues or concerns, and listen deeply to our inner dialogue. 

What inner voice, urgings or promptings do you hear?  Perhaps you are already noticing intuitions throughout the day, and are already receiving the guidance you seek, in which case, this card serves as a confirmation and validation.

How and when do you seek guidance?  How does it feel when you are aligned with your internal guide?  How can you become more familiar with your own ways of knowing?  Are you giving too much guidance to others and not listening to or receiving your own guidance?

© Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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