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Card of the Week: STEPS


Definition:  a way of access (upward or downward) consisting of a set of steps; the course along which a person has walked or is walking in as in: "I followed in his steps”; a line or route along which something travels or moves; a move, act, or proceeding as toward some end or in the general course of some action.

When the ‘Steps’ card shows up it is a reminder that there is a process involved in all that we do.  There is a natural order to the way things unfold. A needs to happen before B and then C can follow.  It is not necessarily a linear sequence, but whatever parallel or multifaceted sequencing is involved, there are stages and steps, some of which need to happen before other things can. 

The Steps card may alert you that you may need to pay attention to processes and procedures. You may need to map out your trajectory, or pay attention to the steps required and determine where you are right now.  It may be a reminder that you cannot automatically arrive where you want to be.  The acorn did not immediately become a tree though it may have felt the possibility of the tree it is to become.

We often need to take time to breathe and remember what path we are already on.  Remember to explore and appreciate the steps.  We are on a journey and a path of becoming. 

What steps are you taking on your path?  Are you trying to skip steps?  Perhaps you need to just take the first step?   How do you embrace the process?  Do you follow your own steps, or do those of another guide you?  What makes your path uniquely yours and yet common to the human at the same time.


Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead.  My only rule is that if I draw one that I have already written about, I draw another.  In this way I am using the spirit of the cards themselves. 

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