Oracle Card of the Week: CHOICES
Oracle Card of the Week: AGITATION

Oracle Card of the Week: (Blank)

Blank Card

Definition: Empty; void; the unknowable; the divine; spirit; limitless; unbounded.

When you choose this card it is a reminder of your limitlessness, of the place where you create from and the unending possibilities that come out of this place.  This card can also be interpreted as being about the void, emptiness, and nothingness.  There are no conditions about what you can or cannot do.

Perhaps it is time to let go of preconceptions about what you feel you can and cannot do, or even what you expect. Move into your quiet center within and expand into your own spaciousness.  Remember the possibilities of unbounded and unconditional creation.  You have a blank canvas.  You are the artist.  What will you paint? 

Within emptiness comes a freedom - freedom from limitations, from definition, and from any ideas of perfection.  How do you react to this emptiness, are you fearful of nothing to attach to, or can you just be.

Can you see yourself as limitless?  If anything was possible how would you create your life, your world? 



Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead.  My only rule is that if I draw one that I have already written about, I draw another.  In this way I am using the spirit of the cards themselves. 


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