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Oracle Card of the Week: CHOICES

Choices Card

Definition: options or things that one may select from; the power or opportunity of choosing; the determination of the mind in preferring one thing to another.

Choice is one of the most important cards in this deck.  On the path towards meaningful growth, choice enables us to change and keep changing towards authentic self.  It is a necessary component of free will.  Without choice we live in a prison, of our own or someone else’s making.  Without conscious choice we maybe doomed to repeat things in our lives again and again.

Every time we make a conscious choice, we take a step towards where we want to be.  Every choice we make affects us, and the world around us.  The more consistent our choices are towards what we want, or believe in, the greater the potential for alignment with self.

If our choices turn out to be detrimental to us, we can shift our course and make different choices.  If our choices are reflexive, or rooted in habit, outdated beliefs, or motivated by being accepted by others, our choices may not be aligned with authentic self.  In this case, one is not truly choosing but is directed by external factors and, as a result, less connected to true self. 

Sometimes it appears we have few choices in our lives, and this may indeed be so.  However, at the most basic level, we can choose how we react to something or not, to let it go, breath through it, or explore different perspectives.  By increasing our self-awareness, we increase our range of choices.  Sometimes deep-rooted psychological patterns may lead to choices that come from our unconscious motivations and which are not always in our best interest.  It is important to reflect on the consequences of these choices in our life, to take stock, and examine the conscious and unconscious mechanisms behind the choices we have made.  By being more self-aware of our choices and any consequences, we become more-and-more aligned with our deeper nature.  The greater our awareness, the more conscious our choices can become, down to the level of choosing what thoughts and feelings we entertain in the moment.

What choices are you facing now?  How conscious are you of the choices you make on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis?  Are your choices reflexive, following group consensus, or stemming from authentic self?  What ripple effect do your choices have on those around you?  How do you accept the consequences of your choices?

 © 2011, Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead.  My only rule is that if I draw one that I have already written about, I draw another.  In this way I am using the spirit of the cards themselves. 

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