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Completion Card

Definition: The state of being complete; culmination; closing; concluding of an action; winding up; “bring to a head”; fulfillment.

Completion refers to the end of a cycle, the natural conclusion or fulfillment of the course of something.  Completion does not necessarily indicate a full finish or ending, but rather the close of a cycle or phase.  Natural cycles have phases which over time “come full circle.”  Completion in nature is seen in natural cycles such as: sunrise to sunset, spring until winter’s end or birth until death. 

Completion may also refer to a conclusion of a project, or a phase of a project.  Psychologically, completion may refer to a need for internal resolution of an emotional matter.  Often there is  “unfinished business” being resolved within us personally - or in our interpersonal relationships – that require completion. 

When completion is reflected as a state of being, it may be accompanied with other feelings such as peace, tranquility, or wholeness.  In this state nothing needs to be added to or subtracted from yourself or the moment.  All is well, whole and compete as it is.  One can say that each and every moment holds within it its own completion, completeness - its own wholeness.  This is true “perfection” – the perception that everything is as it should be at every given moment.

If you have chosen this card, reflect on natural cycles and sense of completion within you and the world around you.  Is there something that has run its course and needs to be completed?  Has something ended its natural cycle?  Is there some nagging emotional residue that needs corrective emotional conclusion?  Are you feeling a growing sense of fulfillment within?


 © 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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