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Strength Card

Definition: The quality of being physically or mentally strong; physical energy or intensity; power to resist stress or force.

We often think of strength in physical terms. However, there are other kinds of strength such as inner strength that is far more lasting than the physical strength of our impermanent bodies.  Inner strength helps us endure life’s vicissitudes or be a rock of support for others.  It propels us forward when outer circumstances seem to be a challenge.  It holds up and strengthens our character, as muscles do to our physical body.    

When we have inner strength we can take a stand and call upon inner resources that assist us in moving through more difficult moments, or in dealing with temptations that may challenge our goals, or personal integrity.  When we have “strength’”, we have qualities that are beneficial in achieving accomplishments in life, be they career, relational or personal goals.   Inner strengths can be qualities we naturally have, as part of our temperament, or ones we develop through life.

Though strength may at times be about endurance and stamina, inner strength is also about knowing when to yield and when to temper our strength with benevolence and compassion.  Strength is not to be confused with force aggression, or stubbornness.

If you have drawn this card you may want to ask yourself if you need to tap into your inner strength to move through a situation.  Perhaps you need to be the “point person”, holding the strength for others.  It may simply reflect that you have the inner strength you need and that it is time to step into your strength.

You may want to ask yourself, where do I need more strength?  How can I exercise my inner strength?  Is my strength needed in a situation I am part of?  How can I honor and recognize the strength that I already have?  What are the strength and qualities that I bring with me to any situation?

© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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