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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: RETREAT

Retreat Card

Definition: Withdrawal; a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet; withdrawal for prayer, study, or meditation; to pull back or move away from.

Moving inward is a natural rhythm of nature.  After the abundant growth of summer, and the letting go of fall, winter provides us a natural pause and movement inward.  We all need to retreat once in a while, to have a break from our normal routine, and to move our attention inward to reevaluate, refresh and integrate our experiences.

These sojourns are often seen as an inward journey to the stillness of one’s soul for connection, answers or rejuvenation. Generally introverts need to schedule periodic withdrawals more frequently than extroverts. We may go on retreats for a day, a week or a month; sometimes whole lives are dedicated to this inward journey.

Retreats, however, do not have to be a formal event. They can be times that we set aside throughout our day to cut down on distractions, reflect, recharge and have a more inward focus.  Mini-retreats such as meditation, journaling, prayer, or simply sitting in stillness are ways that we can turn inward.  These mini-retreats can be helpful to maintain centeredness in our busy lives. 

At times retreats may simply be taking a breather from something that has required much of our focus.  The act of distancing can be helpful in allowing us to see more clearly.

If you have chosen this card you may benefit from some stillness, quieting your mind, or journeying within for answers.  Perhaps it may indicate a project, or that the subject of your question is paused for reevaluation.  Do you need to withdraw to get an alternate perspective?  Or perhaps someone around you is retreating.


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