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I Love Questions!

It seems that I always have…I asked a lot as a kid, and still do.  Questions – mostly open-ended ones – are very much a part of the work I do.  They are like flashlights helping illuminate our lives and taking us on adventures of explorations of self and the world around us.  Wonderfully, there are more questions than answers.  If you have run out of questions you may want to ask yourself “What am I not seeing here?”.

I once heard a Nobel Peace Prize winner talk about what influenced his journey to get where he was at that time.  He thanked his mother whom he said asked him every day after school not what he learned, but whether he had asked any good questions that day. Though someone can assist you with your questioning, ultimately questions are your creation, and an opportunity for exploration bringing you to your own deepening.

 In this video, I present to you a magnificent teacher’s discussion of the importance of “big questions” for herself and her students.  She is an amazing expert facilitator of learning and questions. Even better, she is my sister! You can connect to her wise musings on her blog at  I am sure she would love any questions you have for her!  Thank you Daryl, for your inspirint work in the world.




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