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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: ACTION


Definition: Something done; the state of being active; energetic.

When we are in action, we move, become energized, and actively direct our energies.  When in action, we are in “doing” mode, and our action steps are most often visible in the external world. We are no longer vacillating between the pros and cons of various possibilities or next steps. We have moved beyond pre-contemplative and contemplative stages of change. 

Staying in contemplation for too long can feel as if one is stuck and stagnating. “Taking the bull by the horns”, and moving to action is sometimes what is needed to move us forward and out of indecision, prolonged stagnation or even prolonged sadness. We take action with the choices we make at our own pace, but action of some sort is necessary for change, no matter how big or small the change is in our lives. 

When this card shows up it may be time to move forward and “just do it”. You may want to ask yourself where you need to take action. If you are contemplating something, or stuck in indecision, this may be a sign to take action. Or, perhaps there is much activity around you, and this is confirmation of the action you are already engaged in.  How long do you sit with something before you act?  Are you prone to jump right in or do you slowly wade into change?


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead.  My only rule is that if I draw one that I have already written about, I draw another.  In this way I am using the spirit of the cards themselves. 

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