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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: BEGINNINGS

Beginings Card

Definition:  The initial part or section of something

Beginnings – whether a new phase of something or a completely new start – can be exciting and invigorating. During such beginnings, one often feels promise, hope and a freshness of new ideas.  The incubation period is done, roots are taking hold, and one can see evidence of new growth.

When something is in its beginning phase it may still need nurturing and tender loving care. Even though new beginnings can be filled with excitement of new possibilities, there can also be fragility in this early phase.  It may be important to nurture your new beginnings by softening your expectations, and allowing more time and attention to that which is taking birth. Keeping it protected from harsh criticism or defeating points of view – yours or others – may be helpful.

If you have drawn this card you may have recently started a new endeavor, experienced a new way of being, or have embraced new perspectives.  It may feel like a fresh start or, perhaps, something has been cleared or let go of, allowing a new phase to begin.

You may want to ask yourself if there is something new entering your awareness?  Are you starting a new endeavor, or entering a new phase of a project, a new friendship?  Are you psychologically beginning some internal changes?  Do you have a new bounce in your step?


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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