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Abundance Card

Definition: a more than adequate quantity or supply; a great amount; plenty; overflowing fullness; sufficiency; profusion.

When we have an abundance of something, we have more than enough to meet our needs. Our cup is not simply full, but overflowing. When we feel there is plenty, and believe there always will be plenty, we more easily engage in generosity of spirit. Abundance is not about how much we have, but rather having more than enough to meet our needs.

 When people speak of abundance they are often referring to money - perhaps because in our society, money provides us many ways to meet our needs. Abundance, however, can refer to any area of our life, whether it is friends, opportunities, activities, food, work, time, feelings, or affection.  When we feel abundant there is an appreciation for all we have, an alignment with our desires and beliefs, and an expectation that life will always provide for us. Some say there is always enough of all that we truly need at any given moment, and that when we are in alignment, we are taken care of.

If we turn our attention away from appreciating what is, and start comparing and focusing on what we do not have, we can quickly move into a place of scarcity and lose touch with the abundance around us. If you are having difficulty finding abundance in your life, it may be worth examining the inner position you may have about scarcity. When needing plenty is motivated by scarcity and fear of not having, it promotes greed, hording, and moves us out of alignment with abundance.

The appearance of this card suggests that the qualities of abundance may be important for you at this juncture.  It may be a confirmation of existing abundance, abundance coming to you, or it may be a deeper reflection on the meaning of abundance for you.  Where do you feel abundant?  What would have to happen for you to generate an abundant flow in your life?  Are you noticing the abundance around you? What type of abundance would you like to have? Is there a time when abundance is too much? How much do we need to feel that there is enough in our lives?


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