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Creativity Card

Definition:  The ability to create; bring into existence; engaging in an activity of an artistic nature; originality; expressive nature.

Creativity is the ability to generate something new through skills of the imagination.  Feeling creative is often experienced as a richness of ideas and feelings, which can generate original thinking and urges for expression.

One’s creativity may take the form of an artistic project, a new solution to a problem, or an innovative way of thinking.  To approach something creatively usually requires flexibility of mind to innovate and combine things in ways they may not have been combined before.  We benefit from being able to think outside of the box and in some ways be able to - as a child in play - transform objects from one thing to another, and see with fresh eyes.

We usually think of artistic pursuits when we think of creativity; however, creativity is important in all areas of life.  From our daily routine, to various fields of study - architecture, economics, science, or art, creativity infuses each area with innovation and expands possibility.

Humans have often been described as “co-creators”.  One does not have to look far to see civilizations the human species has built – past and present.  Metaphysically speaking, some say we create our present and future from the very thoughts and feelings we entertain. In either case, we are responsible for our creations, both as individuals and collectively, which requires us to pause and ask what we are generating in any given moment.

If you have pulled this card, you may want to ask yourself where in your life are you experiencing creativity. What would it take for you to increase creativity in your life?   Is there an area of your life that would benefit from innovation?  Perhaps you are feeling a surge of creative expression.  What are you creating now?

© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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