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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: CREATIVITY

Soul Navigation Card of the Week: PEACE

Peace Card

Definition: Harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; the absence of mental stress or anxiety; serenity.

Peace is often described as the absence of war, strife, conflict, or struggles of any kind in our internal or external world.  We all long for peace – a state of ease and harmony – and wish it for others as well: in their homes, their countries and in their hearts. Inner peace is felt as calm, harmony, and a sense of ease deep within our being.  When one is at peace with the present moment, nothing needs to be added to or taken away.

Peace in the world begins within each individual. When we let go of our internal conflicts over what is right and wrong, what is best or worst within ourselves or others, and when we drop the constant comparing, competing and judging of the mind, we silence the mental chatter and can drop into the depths of our hearts.  By breathing deeply from the heart we may able to let go of the mind’s story and move into the moment where peace resides.

Peace is not something we can wait for our leaders – be they political or spiritual – or anyone else to find for us. Peace is arrived at and created by dropping attachments to our “perceived reality”.  Forgiveness, awareness, and kindness further expand the peace that already dwells within us.  Peace is always with us – like a still-point of a spinning top – even when you feel that it is light-years away.

If you have pulled this card, you may want to ask yourself where your peace is.  When do you feel the most peaceful?  How do you come back to peacefulness?  What would have to happen for you to create more peace in your life?  Perhaps this card is a confirmation of the peace that you are currently experiencing or that is coming to you. 


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead.  My only rule is that if I draw one that I have already written about, I draw another.  In this way I am using the spirit of the cards themselves.  If you would like to purchase or view the full deck visit www.fuzionhealingarts.com/products .


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