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Focus Card

Definition: Concentration of attention or energy; maximum clarity or distinctness of an image or idea; a central point or locus of attention; special emphasis attached to something.

When we are focused, our attention is directed to a specific thing or task, and it seems as though nothing can distract us. With pinpointed focus in our activities, there are fewer blurred edges of uncertainty, our concentration becomes laser-like, and much can be accomplished.

However, there are also many distractions that can pull us away from our intended course. In today’s world, there are numerous social and personal commitments that are part of our busy lives and multiple roles and responsibilities that engage our attention. Helpful technological advances also create distractions that are a press of a button away.  Staying focused can be challenging, requiring ongoing awareness to redirect us when we are “off track”, be it moment-to-moment, day-to-day, or in our general life direction. 

If you have pulled this card you may want to explore what focus means for you and how it manifests in your life. Do you need to pull back from a microscopic focus and take a broader look at what we have been focused on? Alternatively, are you a “multitasker” who is spread too thin? You may want to ask yourself if you need greater focus of your energies on a day-to-day basis. Is a change of focus needed or simply more concentration required to accomplish your tasks? Is there a point of focus you could have that would allow other things in your life to flourish? What benefits would you gain by having more focus in your life?  What is beneficial about what you are focusing on right now?


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