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Persistence Card

Definition:  Persevering; continuing or repeating a behavior; determination; doggedness; endurance; tenacity; refusing to stop.

Persistence is a quality that can be helpful in achieving our goals. When we are persistent, we continue with a set of activities until their completion, rarely wavering from our desired goal. When persistent, we may endure numerous pitfalls or discouragements, and there may be times when we contemplate giving up, but we do not.  We get up again and again, and move forward, despite fatigue and despite internal or external criticism. The drive towards the desired “end” is strong and propels us forward. 

In the well known fable of the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise’s persistence and dogged determination kept him moving forward to win the race against his formidable opponent.  Sometimes we need this type of dogged determination in our lives to keep us moving forward despite “apparent odds”.

Persistence may also refer to something that continues well beyond its ability to be useful and supportive. When something persists that is not welcomed, it can be experienced as annoying and even deleterious to us - be it a “persistent cough”, annoying gadfly, or a behavior that has become a “nasty habit”.  To change it may require an awareness or tolerance that is equally persistent and pervasive.

If you have pulled this cards you may want to ask yourself if there is something requiring more determination in your life.  Is there confirmation of a continued effort you have already invested?  Do you need to persist toward a goal to achieve your desired results? Is there something persisting in your life that you would like to change?  Perhaps if what is persisting is unwanted, it requires equal amounts of tenacity to change it.


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