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Truth Card

Definition: A fact that has been verified; conformity to reality; a statement proven to be or accepted as true; sincerity; integrity; fidelity to an original standard; that which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.

Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth and refers to that which is unchangeable and pervades the universe in all its constancy. Some say it is not for us to know an absolute or ultimate truth, for we live in a land of relativity, but that we can experience glimpses of truths that cross paradigms and dimensions. Indeed, truth is relative. What is true for one person is not necessarily true for another. Truth is also relative across paradigms. A poetic truth is not always a literal truth. What is true in one area of the sciences may not necessarily be true in other areas. When groups agree upon a way of perceiving something, it is believed as true. Not understanding an individual’s or group’s truth does not necessarily make the truth invalid. 

Yet, when we come upon “a truth” we often have a visceral experience somewhat akin to an “aha” moment. There is a certainty of knowing that feels undeniable, and an alignment with our self that “rings true” throughout our whole being. We may experience it as a sens,ate knowing, cognitive knowing, intuitive knowing or otherwise, but its certainty feels undeniable.

Expressions such as “the truth hurts” paradoxically serve to keep our frightened defense-ridden ego from the truth of its nature. It is not the truth that is painful, but rather the process of letting go of illusions and defensive structures that binds us to false beliefs. Our personal truth is not about following rules of right and wrong, but about how aligned we are with our core self and our heart. When we speak with our heart, we speak with truth, other hearts listen, and our own being perks up. When we are aligned with our truth, we can feel like “truth has set us free”. We may experience a lightness of being as we step out of illusion and let go of points of view that constrict us. When deeply aligned with truth, we may feel open and centered, and a freedom of being.

If you have drawn this card you may want to reflect on what truth is for you. Are you being called to explore your inner truth? Is there a truth being reflected to you in this moment? Does your situation reflect a truth for you, or is it out of alignment with your own truth? Do you need to honor your truth, through voice, action, or silence? 

© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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