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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: CONTEMPLATION

Contemplation Card

Definition: deep consideration; reflection; thoughtful observation; meditation; mindfulness; introspection.

When we are in contemplation we slow down, turn inward, and reflect upon things very deeply.  In deep introspection, our “searchlight” reviews a myriad of past events, actions and choices, our life, or the meaning of life. We may turn our attention to specific issues of concern, but may also be able to observe our process in the moment – the rising and falling of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Being ever mindful of the present begins to naturally create space between stimulus and response, action and non-action, doing and not doing. It is this pause and space that enables us greater freedom of choice. We may not always have to move into deep contemplation to apply skillful reflection; by being more present or mindful can enable true Self to engage more directly in our lives.

Contemplation is also known as a stage in the process of change where one reviews the advantages and disadvantages of change and explores how best to move forward in the future. It is a stage in the process of change that is necessary before we take action. If we linger too long in this phase it can sometimes feel as if we are stuck reviewing the past or a course of future action. This sometimes happens when one is rigidly attached to an outcome, has unprocessed regrets, or is bound by fear or past conditioning. 

The purpose of reflection is to review, revise, and come again to a situation in a different way. In this way we grow, evolve and move more into alignment with our authentic self. 

If you have pulled this card, there may be something you may want to reflect on or review at a deeper level. It may also be time to become more mindful of the present. Are you currently in the contemplation phase of change?  How does contemplation fit for you now? Can you take a more mindful position?  What are your favorite forms of contemplation?  Do you need to set aside regular times for contemplation?


© 2012 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: CLARITY

Clarity Card

Definition: Free from obscurity; comprehensible and easy to understand; the state or quality of being clear; lucidity; unambiguousness; intelligible; exactness; light.

Clarity often refers to our experience of achieving sudden comprehension when previously things were unclear. The origins of the word come from Latin meaning clear, or bright.  Indeed, clarity can feel like having the sun come out from behind the clouds, or like a light illuminating what was once in darkness. When things become clear, related elements that were once obscured from view can also be seen.

A moment of clarity is often experienced as a sudden insight, a flash of understanding, or an “aha moment” when the light bulb turns on.  It may be a sudden understanding of a problem one has been working on, a truth that has been out of reach for some time, or perhaps some dynamic or pattern that becomes clear. The experience of achieving clarity can be a personal revelation or epiphany that send depth charges into our very being, sometimes illuminating a personal truth, or a grander vision of interconnectivity. 

The ways by which we arrive at clarity vary from person to person, and problem to problem. Journaling, talking it out, deep reflection, stopping the inner chatter, or seeking out someone who may be knowledgeable in your area of inquiry may all be ways of attaining greater clarity. Realizations often come in flashes, sometimes when we have stopped searching so hard and allow the wisdom of what we already know to come through. 

If you have pulled this card, you may be currently experiencing or seeking greater clarity in your life.  Perhaps something has recently been illuminated for you.  Are you having difficulty seeing what is going on?  Does it feel like you need more information about something?   What would have to happen for you to achieve greater clarity?  What would have to happen for you to acknowledge what you already know?


© 2012 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: FOUNDATION


Foundation Card

Definition: the basis on which something is grounded; lowest support of a structure; an institution supported by an endowment; groundwork, substructure or understructure; education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge; the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun, developed, calculated or explained. 

When we lay the groundwork for something in our lives we are establishing the foundation on which other things can be built. Strong foundations are like deep roots and are essential for anything that is lasting in our lives. They ground us to our origins and ancestry, and can provide the blueprints to help us navigate through any problems that may arise.

A solid foundation in early childhood provides the basic building blocks of our personality and character, shapes our interactions with the environment, and even the quality of our consciousness.  Repetitive problems or patterns that we may encounter may be rooted in our foundations and solutions may require that we address them at that level. 

It is important to put adequate time and energy into developing the fundamentals at the beginning of any undertaking.  Not doing so can predispose to future difficulties, which may not be reparable without serious restructuring and remodeling. Costly problems can arise when a house is built in a weak foundation and basics are not tended to.

If you have pulled this card, you may want to ask yourself what is the nature of the foundation you are standing upon?  How deep does your foundation go?  How are you connected to your roots and how do your roots influence you now?  Are you in the process of laying the groundwork for something in your life? What are the important fundamentals to your growth, your essence?  Do you need to make some fundamental changes in your life?


© 2012 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: JUGGLING


Definition: To juggle objects; to deal with two or more things simultaneously;, the act of manipulating balancing things; balancing; to keep two or more objects in motion at one time.

In the most common use of the word, juggling is the ability to keep two or more objects moving in mid-air without dropping them.  The juggler learns this skill through dedicated practice and attention.  She or he typically starts with two rounded, easily held objects, gradually adding in more props of differing types and sizes, and then perhaps adding the variant of juggling with others.  It is a skill that involves great timing, rhythm, balance, and coordination. 

Juggling is used metaphorically to describe our increasingly divided activities in today’s busy world that we commonly describe as “multitasking”.  We juggle home life, work life, social life and personal life – engaging in many tasks all at once.  We move from role to role and try to balance our various responsibilities – focusing on one, then another, concurrently or serially – switching from task to task. 

As with mid-air juggling, multitasking requires similar skills: timing, rhythm, balance, coordination, and also great organization.  A good “multitasker” can accomplish much. However, taking on too much or too many life events can disrupt our rhythm and create demands that throw off our focus.  The downside of multitasking is that it leads to a scattering of our energies and intentions, and reduces the quality of our attention, work and or the ability to be present.

If you have pulled this card you may want to examine what you are currently juggling.  How many “balls” do you currently have in the air?  Are you succeeding at getting a multitude of tasks done, or do you have too much going on at once?   Is this a period of time that require lots of multitasking?  Do you need to move things around to make room for other things?  What would it take for you to be a masterful juggler?


©2012 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: COMMUNITY

Community Cards

Definition: A group of people living in a particular local area, having common ownership, or having common interests, values or goals; a district where people live; a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other.

The word community comes from the Latin word “communis” which means common. When we are in community we share a common bond and are like-minded with regards to values, interests, geographical location, and affiliations of numerous kinds. The interpersonal support gained from community creates a bond and can provide sense of belonging and connectedness. This supportive network increases our overall well-being in social, emotional or physical ways.

Traditionally, community formed around geographical location and habitat. Our first community was family, then extended family and, eventually, the tribe. We are social animals, naturally forming affiliations and finding connection with others through likes and dislikes as well as needs and common goals.  These extended relationships and mutual supportiveness have been important factors in our survival as a species.  Communities, however, have broadened beyond local neighborhoods to the World Wide Web, where online communities are formed through social networks, chat rooms, and gaming communities of various kinds. 

Today’s accessibility to the global community has expanded our awareness about how interconnected and interdependent we all are.  This change of consciousness asks us to expand our thinking and actions to include a broader sphere of community – our humanity.  That which makes us unique and different is also the place where we come together. When each person offers their individuality in a manner that is whole to the community, it creates a bond of mutuality, respect and support that is beyond measure.

Sometimes our connection to community changes. We may move away and have difficulty maintaining connection with people, or we may lose community through changes in affiliations or common interests. Communities that were once a good fit for us may no longer fulfill a supportive role. When this happens, it can feel like we are being constricted and asked to conform to the values and interest of the group, which may no longer be in alignment with our concerns.

If you pulled this card you may want to explore the nature of community for you. What is the extent of your circle of interconnectedness?  Do you have a supportive community?  Is it time to reach out to, or find your community?  Are your communities still of value for you?  Do you still have a shared bond in your community?  What do you offer to your community?  How do your choices impact the greater community?

2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead. If you would to like purchase or view the full deck visit