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Clarity Card

Definition: Free from obscurity; comprehensible and easy to understand; the state or quality of being clear; lucidity; unambiguousness; intelligible; exactness; light.

Clarity often refers to our experience of achieving sudden comprehension when previously things were unclear. The origins of the word come from Latin meaning clear, or bright.  Indeed, clarity can feel like having the sun come out from behind the clouds, or like a light illuminating what was once in darkness. When things become clear, related elements that were once obscured from view can also be seen.

A moment of clarity is often experienced as a sudden insight, a flash of understanding, or an “aha moment” when the light bulb turns on.  It may be a sudden understanding of a problem one has been working on, a truth that has been out of reach for some time, or perhaps some dynamic or pattern that becomes clear. The experience of achieving clarity can be a personal revelation or epiphany that send depth charges into our very being, sometimes illuminating a personal truth, or a grander vision of interconnectivity. 

The ways by which we arrive at clarity vary from person to person, and problem to problem. Journaling, talking it out, deep reflection, stopping the inner chatter, or seeking out someone who may be knowledgeable in your area of inquiry may all be ways of attaining greater clarity. Realizations often come in flashes, sometimes when we have stopped searching so hard and allow the wisdom of what we already know to come through. 

If you have pulled this card, you may be currently experiencing or seeking greater clarity in your life.  Perhaps something has recently been illuminated for you.  Are you having difficulty seeing what is going on?  Does it feel like you need more information about something?   What would have to happen for you to achieve greater clarity?  What would have to happen for you to acknowledge what you already know?


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