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Soul Navigation Card of the Week: CONTEMPLATION

Contemplation Card

Definition: deep consideration; reflection; thoughtful observation; meditation; mindfulness; introspection.

When we are in contemplation we slow down, turn inward, and reflect upon things very deeply.  In deep introspection, our “searchlight” reviews a myriad of past events, actions and choices, our life, or the meaning of life. We may turn our attention to specific issues of concern, but may also be able to observe our process in the moment – the rising and falling of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Being ever mindful of the present begins to naturally create space between stimulus and response, action and non-action, doing and not doing. It is this pause and space that enables us greater freedom of choice. We may not always have to move into deep contemplation to apply skillful reflection; by being more present or mindful can enable true Self to engage more directly in our lives.

Contemplation is also known as a stage in the process of change where one reviews the advantages and disadvantages of change and explores how best to move forward in the future. It is a stage in the process of change that is necessary before we take action. If we linger too long in this phase it can sometimes feel as if we are stuck reviewing the past or a course of future action. This sometimes happens when one is rigidly attached to an outcome, has unprocessed regrets, or is bound by fear or past conditioning. 

The purpose of reflection is to review, revise, and come again to a situation in a different way. In this way we grow, evolve and move more into alignment with our authentic self. 

If you have pulled this card, there may be something you may want to reflect on or review at a deeper level. It may also be time to become more mindful of the present. Are you currently in the contemplation phase of change?  How does contemplation fit for you now? Can you take a more mindful position?  What are your favorite forms of contemplation?  Do you need to set aside regular times for contemplation?


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