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Definition: To juggle objects; to deal with two or more things simultaneously;, the act of manipulating balancing things; balancing; to keep two or more objects in motion at one time.

In the most common use of the word, juggling is the ability to keep two or more objects moving in mid-air without dropping them.  The juggler learns this skill through dedicated practice and attention.  She or he typically starts with two rounded, easily held objects, gradually adding in more props of differing types and sizes, and then perhaps adding the variant of juggling with others.  It is a skill that involves great timing, rhythm, balance, and coordination. 

Juggling is used metaphorically to describe our increasingly divided activities in today’s busy world that we commonly describe as “multitasking”.  We juggle home life, work life, social life and personal life – engaging in many tasks all at once.  We move from role to role and try to balance our various responsibilities – focusing on one, then another, concurrently or serially – switching from task to task. 

As with mid-air juggling, multitasking requires similar skills: timing, rhythm, balance, coordination, and also great organization.  A good “multitasker” can accomplish much. However, taking on too much or too many life events can disrupt our rhythm and create demands that throw off our focus.  The downside of multitasking is that it leads to a scattering of our energies and intentions, and reduces the quality of our attention, work and or the ability to be present.

If you have pulled this card you may want to examine what you are currently juggling.  How many “balls” do you currently have in the air?  Are you succeeding at getting a multitude of tasks done, or do you have too much going on at once?   Is this a period of time that require lots of multitasking?  Do you need to move things around to make room for other things?  What would it take for you to be a masterful juggler?


©2012 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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