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Beginnings Card

With “Beginnings” as a card for the week you may want to pay attention to any newness in your life, be they habits, opportunities, or something you have thought of starting for a long time, but have finally found the time.  Be patient with yourself as you begin new endeavors, remember there is always a learning curve.  Approaching the world with a beginners mind may allow you to see what is new and invigorating, and approach things with curiosity and openness.   The full moon in Leo this week may spark a new creative project.  Be patient with the execution phase, with Mars retrograde in detailed Virgo, it may take longer than expected. 


Last week marked the completion of writing about each one of the 70 Soul Navigation Cards.  It is fitting that the "Beginnings" card start the new cycle of exploring the cards, not simply because I am starting a new cycle, but because I am exploring new ways of presenting and using the cards.  Stay tuned!!

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Have a wonderful week.!!


Whether a new phase of something or a completely new start, new beginnings can be exciting and invigorating. One often feels promise, hope and a freshness of new ideas.  The incubation period is done, roots are taking hold, and one can see, feel and taste the exhilaration of something new!

Even though new beginnings can be filled with excitement of new possibilities, there can also be fragility in this early phase. When something is in its beginning phase it may be vulnerable and need nurturing and tender loving care.  It may be important to nurture your new beginnings by softening your expectations, and allowing more time and attention to that which is taking birth. Keeping it protected from harsh criticism or defeating points of view – yours or others – may be helpful.

 If you have drawn this card you may have recently started a new endeavor, experienced a new way of being, or have embraced new perspectives.  It may feel like a fresh start or, perhaps, something has been cleared or let go of, allowing a new phase to begin.

You may want to ask yourself if there is something new entering your awareness?  Are you starting a new endeavor, or entering a new phase of a project, a new friendship?  Are you psychologically beginning some internal changes?  Do you have a new bounce in your step?


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You are most welcome! May all your beginnings have happy endings! Namaste Leslie Cie.

Lauren Goldman

Thanku for the inspiration and guidance on this new and exciting chapter in my life ....sincerely Lauren Goldman

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