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DARK - Soul Navigation Card for the Week


Dark is a place we all need to dive deeply into once in a while to find our luminescence deep within. Dark is quiet and empty and without pulse.  Its gripping silence and emptiness can be frightening.   In this silence we may hear our thoughts whirling, and feel the grip of strong old pain, or perhaps old beliefs, habits, or ways of thinking hampering our ability to feel joy or our inner peace.  When we dive in, if we hold our breath and struggle, we may be resisting and fighting against ourselves and the very essence of our being.

When we encounter the dark card it may be telling us that it is a time to turn inward and look deeply through the darkness to find the light and strength from within. 

It may come at a time when you are moving through some deep or painful issues in your life where you encounter your shadow or another’s shadow side that may be moving you off your center. 

When in this phase, it is important to remember that out of the dark seasons of our lives much growth and light can come. Though the dark is the absence of light, you are never completely in the dark as there are always tiny specks of light. 

How do you move through the dark phases of your life?  When you are in a negative cycle are you overpowered by your negative habits or addictions of various sorts to get you through? Do you run, hide, fight, or accept where you are?  Where is your shadow casting itself?  Are you being affected by someone else’s dark cycle?



© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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Responsibility: Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Responsibility Card

Responsibility is the ability to respond and be accountable.  It is felt as a subtle awareness that accompanies a response to something and guides our actions.  Our sense of responsibility varies with our social, cultural, and psychological makeup.


With responsibility as the card for the week, you may want to explore your sense of responsibility in different situations.  What are your highest responsibilities for this week?  Are there things you are responsible for that you shirking?  Are you taking on too many responsibilities?  How are you being responsible to your body, and to your soul?  What responsibilities can you let go of that are not yours?  What responsibilities can you tend to that will lighten your load?


Near the beginning of the week (Tuesday) we have a new Moon in Pisces with both the Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune and Mercury.  This is a good time to delve deeply into the spirit and soul of your nature, and to begin new projects of a more lofty nature.  Neptune has not been in its own sign for 160 years.  This is an auspicious time to bring the heart and sould to the mind, and to embrace more fully responsibility for our soul. 


May we know the expansiveness of our true nature.


If you would like to see the extended description for Responsibility see the Soul Navigations posts for the month of November 2011. To view all the cards visit


OPENING - Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Opening Card

With OPENING as the card for the week, it may be important to keep an open mind as you explore the multitude of possibilities. You may notice opportunities, alternative solutions, or shifts where things were previously blocked. What happens when you are open to the moment without judgment of right or wrong?  When we are open it allows for flexibility and change.

This week’s planetary dance may bring intense emotions as Venus squares Pluto, Mercury enters Pisces to conjunct Neptune, followed by the Sun at the end of the week.  What would it be like to be open to the ebb and flow of intense emotions with peace and ease?  What openings might arise?

Wishing you a wonderful week with many gifts of spirit.


Here is an except form the Soul Navigation Card descriptions:

When we experience an opening in our life it is as if a door has opened up and an opportunity presents itself that was not there previously.  Sometimes these openings come into our lives when we are not even looking or aware that we need a change; but suddenly we experience a relief, a shift, or a release.  This shift takes us out of our normal routine and our usual way of seeing, and prompts us to take notice.  It can be as dramatic as the sun peeking through the clouds on an overcast day, or perhaps more subtle as a gentle shift of feelings through music. 

Openings may be experienced as a new perspective, interest, or even making a connection with someone that proves later to be an important one.  In order to experience it, it is important to remain open to possibility, not be so quick to judge circumstances; to don an attitude of observation, and allow new information to come to light.

 © Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

Beginnings - Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Beginnings Card

With “Beginnings” as a card for the week you may want to pay attention to any newness in your life, be they habits, opportunities, or something you have thought of starting for a long time, but have finally found the time.  Be patient with yourself as you begin new endeavors, remember there is always a learning curve.  Approaching the world with a beginners mind may allow you to see what is new and invigorating, and approach things with curiosity and openness.   The full moon in Leo this week may spark a new creative project.  Be patient with the execution phase, with Mars retrograde in detailed Virgo, it may take longer than expected. 


Last week marked the completion of writing about each one of the 70 Soul Navigation Cards.  It is fitting that the "Beginnings" card start the new cycle of exploring the cards, not simply because I am starting a new cycle, but because I am exploring new ways of presenting and using the cards.  Stay tuned!!

The original post for this card was 9/04/11.  If you would like to view it, it is at this location  I have included it below for your convenience.


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Have a wonderful week.!!


Whether a new phase of something or a completely new start, new beginnings can be exciting and invigorating. One often feels promise, hope and a freshness of new ideas.  The incubation period is done, roots are taking hold, and one can see, feel and taste the exhilaration of something new!

Even though new beginnings can be filled with excitement of new possibilities, there can also be fragility in this early phase. When something is in its beginning phase it may be vulnerable and need nurturing and tender loving care.  It may be important to nurture your new beginnings by softening your expectations, and allowing more time and attention to that which is taking birth. Keeping it protected from harsh criticism or defeating points of view – yours or others – may be helpful.

 If you have drawn this card you may have recently started a new endeavor, experienced a new way of being, or have embraced new perspectives.  It may feel like a fresh start or, perhaps, something has been cleared or let go of, allowing a new phase to begin.

You may want to ask yourself if there is something new entering your awareness?  Are you starting a new endeavor, or entering a new phase of a project, a new friendship?  Are you psychologically beginning some internal changes?  Do you have a new bounce in your step?


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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