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OPENING - Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Opening Card

With OPENING as the card for the week, it may be important to keep an open mind as you explore the multitude of possibilities. You may notice opportunities, alternative solutions, or shifts where things were previously blocked. What happens when you are open to the moment without judgment of right or wrong?  When we are open it allows for flexibility and change.

This week’s planetary dance may bring intense emotions as Venus squares Pluto, Mercury enters Pisces to conjunct Neptune, followed by the Sun at the end of the week.  What would it be like to be open to the ebb and flow of intense emotions with peace and ease?  What openings might arise?

Wishing you a wonderful week with many gifts of spirit.


Here is an except form the Soul Navigation Card descriptions:

When we experience an opening in our life it is as if a door has opened up and an opportunity presents itself that was not there previously.  Sometimes these openings come into our lives when we are not even looking or aware that we need a change; but suddenly we experience a relief, a shift, or a release.  This shift takes us out of our normal routine and our usual way of seeing, and prompts us to take notice.  It can be as dramatic as the sun peeking through the clouds on an overcast day, or perhaps more subtle as a gentle shift of feelings through music. 

Openings may be experienced as a new perspective, interest, or even making a connection with someone that proves later to be an important one.  In order to experience it, it is important to remain open to possibility, not be so quick to judge circumstances; to don an attitude of observation, and allow new information to come to light.

 © Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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