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Responsibility Card

Responsibility is the ability to respond and be accountable.  It is felt as a subtle awareness that accompanies a response to something and guides our actions.  Our sense of responsibility varies with our social, cultural, and psychological makeup.


With responsibility as the card for the week, you may want to explore your sense of responsibility in different situations.  What are your highest responsibilities for this week?  Are there things you are responsible for that you shirking?  Are you taking on too many responsibilities?  How are you being responsible to your body, and to your soul?  What responsibilities can you let go of that are not yours?  What responsibilities can you tend to that will lighten your load?


Near the beginning of the week (Tuesday) we have a new Moon in Pisces with both the Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune and Mercury.  This is a good time to delve deeply into the spirit and soul of your nature, and to begin new projects of a more lofty nature.  Neptune has not been in its own sign for 160 years.  This is an auspicious time to bring the heart and sould to the mind, and to embrace more fully responsibility for our soul. 


May we know the expansiveness of our true nature.


If you would like to see the extended description for Responsibility see the Soul Navigations posts for the month of November 2011. To view all the cards visit



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Thank u for reminding those who need it

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