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Play Card

Play is an activity we often associate with children.  More often than not our culture has a negative attitude towards “child’s play”.  It is seen as trivial, extraneous, unnecessary, and, very often, as a waste of time.  There is, however, much we can learn about how to be in the world from the play of a child.

When children play they bring all that they are into the moment.  They are interactive with the environment in a way that is fully engaged, with a fluid interplay between their inner world of imagination and the world around them.  When engaged in such a way, they are also learning, processing, and exploring their world.  There is a dynamic interplay with the inner and outer world that can be creative, restorative, and healing in a myriad of ways.

When we play, we are able to let go and move fluidly with life, and see the world and all our experience through the eyes of a child again – a child supported and loved and without worries, and all life is playful engagement in any given moment.

Play is the art of just being, innocent, open, present, and in the moment.  You cannot play without being in the moment at least to some degree.  When we are whole-heartedly present we lose ourselves in joy and a level of being where time disappears, where there is a sense of oneness with all things, and where distinctions of inner and outer become meaningless. In this moment, play is a restorative nectar for the soul.

When you pull this card, it may be time to ask yourself if you are having fun?  Are you taking time to simply be and enjoy what is in your life?  Has your life become too serious?  Perhaps you need to engage in your life as through the playful and innocent eyes of a child.  Notice when you feel playful, and how you can engage in this energy more often.  What constitutes play for you?  When do you engage in play?  Perhaps it is time to get in touch with your playful child nature.


© 2012 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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