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Yes Card

When we say “YES!” wholeheartedly, every part of our being opens up, and we accept and affirm that which we are saying yes to.  At that moment, there may be a sense of expansion in spirit and soul. If we could see our body’s response when we are experiencing a congruent and enthusiastic “YES!”, I imagine we would see our very pores and cells open up to receive!  When we fully engage, affirming what is happening in the moment, we enter a state of allowance and are able to overcome resistance. 

Often, however, we have been trained to say yes when it is not congruent with our being at a particular time, or in general.  We say yes for multiple reasons: out of obligation, social conformity, so that we don’t hurt another’s feelings, or perhaps to make ourselves feel better.  Worse yet, we may even be forced to say yes through manipulation or other abuses of power; this can create challenges not only in trusting others, but also in experiencing our own “felt sense” of yes.  It is important when we say yes that “all parts” of us are in accord, otherwise we move out of integrity and out of our own deep listening.  When one’s “yes” is half-hearted and not fully engaged, it does not bode well for what one is saying yes to.

Scan your awareness through all the levels of your being, without thinking but rather through sensing and careful noticing.  Do your body, mind, spirit and soul all feel consensual? Feel the difference when you embrace your experience with a “YES!”.  With yes your openness and willingness to embrace what is in the moment and in your life expands all possibilities.  Explore saying yes over and over again to the moment, to all that is happening around you, and to your very being.  Notice how you open up to the world in a huge, positive embrace.

If you have drawn this card, you may be embracing your life, or something in your life with enthusiasm and positivity.  You may be exactly where you need to be at this moment! All systems are go! What are you saying yes to?  Do you say yes when you mean no?  What would it look like to say yes to every moment?  How do you know when your whole being says yes?



© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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