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Hope Card

Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel, the belief that “this too shall pass”.  Its slightest glimmer can take us out of deepest despair and lead us to our sweetest joys.  When we are hopeful, the resulting emotion creates an energy shift wherein our positive expectations are able to arise and move beyond doubt and negativity. When we are hopeful, the emotional constriction that doubt, fear, and despair bring is softened and we are able to move to a place of new possibilities.

While hope is the expectation of positive possibilities, it does not have to be directed towards any one thing in particular. The experience of being hopeful, in and of itself, can open us up to a range of new, and alternative possibilities. Expectations that constrict us  clamp down our very life force, whereas hope allows our hearts to open to opportunities of something better.  The expectation of something better and beyond where we are now invites us to entertain and imagine all we can be.    Though hope may seemingly take us beyond the moment, when experienced “in the moment” it allows the heart to open up and expect greater things.

If you have pulled this card, you may want to ask yourself where in your life you need hope. Is there anything happening around you that is contributing to worries?  Are you hopeful of certain outcomes?  How can you regain and allow your sense of hope to guide your process?  What would it be like for things to turn out better than you ever hoped for? What would have to happen for hope to move you toward positive possibilities?


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

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