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MAGIC - Soul Navigation Card of the Week

Magic Card

Expect magic, entertain the mystical, and dance in wonder!

Magic engages us in the unexplained wonder and mystery in all of life.  It is the place where “coincidences” appear to be planned by some unexplained order and where synchronicities abound - if we have eyes to see. 

To the “magician”, it is the mastery of his or her craft that hides the mechanism of the constructed illusion.  Every move is orchestrated to enhance the illusion.  Being our own magician is to be aware of and be able to move within the flow of life’s mysteries, to know how we are creating the world around us, and to be open to the wonder and mystery of that which we do not always understand.

Sages over the millennia have tried to decipher the mysteries of this magical life.  Some say that one cannot understand this magic through the mind but rather through the eyes of the heart.  It is here where one can experience and appreciate wonder as through the eyes of a child.   Others say there is a “Master Plan” put in place by a greater power, named as God, Allah, Great Spirit, Source, Great Creator;and some say we are all together part of this Source.

When our lives become magical, we are not living in the illusory tricks of a magician’s sleight of hand, but have touched the numinous and the mysterious in our own magical selves.  We have tapped into the place where we are connected to all of creation/life, and our eyes are open to the mystery and magic around us.  Expect magic, entertain the mystical and dance in wonder.

If you have pulled this card, you may want to ask yourself where are you being your magical self? Are you connected to your point of mystery and wonder?  What would it take for you to live all aspects of your life with magic?  Remember this place from where magic stems, you are that.


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead. If you would to like purchase or view the full deck visit .

HOPE - Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Hope Card

Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel, the belief that “this too shall pass”.  Its slightest glimmer can take us out of deepest despair and lead us to our sweetest joys.  When we are hopeful, the resulting emotion creates an energy shift wherein our positive expectations are able to arise and move beyond doubt and negativity. When we are hopeful, the emotional constriction that doubt, fear, and despair bring is softened and we are able to move to a place of new possibilities.

While hope is the expectation of positive possibilities, it does not have to be directed towards any one thing in particular. The experience of being hopeful, in and of itself, can open us up to a range of new, and alternative possibilities. Expectations that constrict us  clamp down our very life force, whereas hope allows our hearts to open to opportunities of something better.  The expectation of something better and beyond where we are now invites us to entertain and imagine all we can be.    Though hope may seemingly take us beyond the moment, when experienced “in the moment” it allows the heart to open up and expect greater things.

If you have pulled this card, you may want to ask yourself where in your life you need hope. Is there anything happening around you that is contributing to worries?  Are you hopeful of certain outcomes?  How can you regain and allow your sense of hope to guide your process?  What would it be like for things to turn out better than you ever hoped for? What would have to happen for hope to move you toward positive possibilities?


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski

Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead.   If you would like to view the full deck or place an order visit .


OBSTACLES: Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Obstacles Card

Definition:  a person or thing that opposes, hinders, or holds up progress; something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted.

 When you pull this card there mBay be something blocking your desired goals, destination or achievements.  Obstacles are an impediment of your natural progression, and as with most things, obstacles may originate from within, without, or from an interplay of the two. 

Externally, obstacles can originate from a multitude of things: weather, traffic, mail delivery problems, unexpected delays, etc.  Internally, obstacles may be attitudes, outdated belief systems, or ineffective approaches towards your goal that may be blocking you.

Obstacles may become stronger through our resistance to them.  It is thus helpful to explore the nature of the obstacles we are encountering. Though obstacles may be frustrating at their onset, they may have a beneficial value in the long term.  For example, a delay may cause us to revise plans in a way that ultimately brings improvement; the obstacles can make us stronger, and more appreciative of what we have gained.  Obstacles may often lead to opportunity, lessons or benefits.  Sometimes they are felt as large insurmountable boulders on our path.  At other times, they are like fog, easily burned through by the light of the sun. 

What is the purpose of any obstacles you may be facing?  What are you learning through these obstacles? What happens when you accept the nature of the obstacle?  Is your will in alignment with your spirit?  Are there inner obstacles, beliefs, or other hindrances that are obstructing you?

 © 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead.  If you would like to order or view the full deck visit .



Responsibility: Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Responsibility Card

Responsibility is the ability to respond and be accountable.  It may be felt as a subtle awareness on some level, that accompanies and guides a response.  Ones ability to respond is influenced in turn by ones awareness.  The extent of ones sense of accountability ranges from ones self, social sphere, family friends, work, etc

Biologically, we are guided by instinctual impulses, which can oftentimes direct our propensity to respond such as, a mother’s impulse to nurture her newborn child.  Psycho-socially, some factors that guide our accountability are commitment and valued end. If there has been a commitment made to oneself, another, a job, or a business there is an agreement made towards a valued end that directs and guides our actions.  The valued end becomes an ethical guide that directs ones choices – personal, social, or public agreements.  Each person discerns their “valued end” according to their own mores and perspectives.

There are responsibilities that we take on from experiences in early childhood, and some say there are responsibilities taken on at a soul level that can span life times.  Whether you believe in the eternality of the soul, or soul as an expression of unconscious feelings, there are tacit “agreements” that guide our sense of responsibility and the ways we engage with the world.

Some people feel great responsibility not only to themselves, but also the lives of others, and more globally the earth and its inhabitants.  Some take on responsibilities that are not theirs to bear at an early age, and continue to do so into adulthood.  Others feel that responsibility is a dirty word and react, or even rebel against the sense of constriction and heaviness it gives them, and still others are unable to accept any responsibility for the effects of their actions.

Responsibility can be so convoluted and involved that professions have been built around deciphering the intricacies of this emotion.  Religious and legal systems speak of ways that we are held accountable for our actions according to the beliefs of their system and rules.  Ultimately we are responsible for our true self, our actions, feelings, and our choices.  Some say that we are responsible not simply for ourselves, but the contribution we bring to the whole. 

If you have pulled this card, you may want to explore your personal call to responsibility.  Ask yourself where does your responsibility begin and end?    What is your contribution to your life, to those of others?  Have you been shirking some responsibility or avoiding your awareness?  Perhaps you need to reevaluate your responsibility in some matters.  Are you carrying the burden of responsibilities that are not yours?  Is there something you are aware of that needs a response?


© 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


Every week I shuffle and draw a card to write about and represent the week ahead. If you would to like purchase or view the full deck visit .

PATIENCE - Soul Navigation Card for the week

Patience Card

Whenever I get this card, I sometimes notice a twinge of irritation arising in me that usually means I need to stop pushing, slow down and allow myself and/or others to move through their process of unfolding.  In short, I need more patience.

Sometimes we have a lot of patience in certain areas of our life and not in others.  Some people may have copious amounts of patience teaching complicated material, or caring for the young, and yet none while driving.  Often we have the least amount of patience for ourselves.

Regardless of our level of patience, there are usually situations or places where we can apply more patience.  I have never heard anyone ever say, “That person has too much patience.” Patience is not a resignation to the endurance of pain or discomfort.  Patience is the belief or expectation that everything will eventually work out and change for the better, that “this too shall pass.”

When this card shows up, you may want to ask yourself where you need more patience for yourself, others or in the world around you.   Where do you have the most patience?  Where do you have the least?  Imagine what it would feel like to extend patience to yourself

May the peace of patience be with you.

© Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


Every week I shuffle and draw a Soul Navigation Card to represent the week ahead. If you are enjoying them and wish to order a deck go to