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OBSTACLES: Soul Navigation Card for the Week

Obstacles Card

Definition:  a person or thing that opposes, hinders, or holds up progress; something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted.

 When you pull this card there mBay be something blocking your desired goals, destination or achievements.  Obstacles are an impediment of your natural progression, and as with most things, obstacles may originate from within, without, or from an interplay of the two. 

Externally, obstacles can originate from a multitude of things: weather, traffic, mail delivery problems, unexpected delays, etc.  Internally, obstacles may be attitudes, outdated belief systems, or ineffective approaches towards your goal that may be blocking you.

Obstacles may become stronger through our resistance to them.  It is thus helpful to explore the nature of the obstacles we are encountering. Though obstacles may be frustrating at their onset, they may have a beneficial value in the long term.  For example, a delay may cause us to revise plans in a way that ultimately brings improvement; the obstacles can make us stronger, and more appreciative of what we have gained.  Obstacles may often lead to opportunity, lessons or benefits.  Sometimes they are felt as large insurmountable boulders on our path.  At other times, they are like fog, easily burned through by the light of the sun. 

What is the purpose of any obstacles you may be facing?  What are you learning through these obstacles? What happens when you accept the nature of the obstacle?  Is your will in alignment with your spirit?  Are there inner obstacles, beliefs, or other hindrances that are obstructing you?

 © 2011 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski


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