Nurture Your Fire as you Welcome Spring!
Full Moon Anyone?

A Little Water & Soul to Nurture Spirit & Fire

Water Card

On this second day of spring I pull the Water Card (Soul Navigation Cards) and reflect on its significance immediately after yesterday’s Fire Card for spring.

Water is connected to the world of feeling, as distinguished from emotions.  Emotions connect us to past feelings that may have created patterned responses, belief systems, and habitual ways of being - separate from temperament. 

I connect the element of fire with Spirit, and water with Soul. When the water of our soul is clear, unclouded by past emotional patterning, we are able to be more fully present in the moment. And when we are still, and touch our quiet place, we can see through the water to the bottom of the lake.  We can touch the depth of true self.

May we clean and clear the streams of our Self, and our beloved Earth.

May our connection to water nourish spirit and not drown it in the illusions of past conditioning.

In loving Kindness,

Leslie Cie.


© 2013 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowsi, Fuzion Healing Arts, All rights reserved




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