Transformation Through Sound
A Little Water & Soul to Nurture Spirit & Fire

Nurture Your Fire as you Welcome Spring!

Fire Card

From the perspective of our blessed planet earth, I imagine the cycles of birth, death, and renewal as a constant.  Not just here, everywhere.  Life is change, it is a constant whether it is the life of a human being, or that of a far away galaxy.  Energy is always in movement, it can neither be created nor destroyed


On this first day of spring, for some the beginning of the New Year, the Fire Card (Soul Navigation Card) appears as the harbinger.


How fitting I think, as the Sun enters Aries, a fire sign, and that fire also represents spirit and energy, without which the spark of life would sizzle and fade. 


Remember to nurture your fire, your inspiration, your joy, whether in the beginning of a new venture, or maintaining it’s gentle growth.

Blessings of Gratitude & Joy


© 2013 Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski, Fuzion Healing Arts, all right reserved.


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