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July 2014

Astrological Explorations with Systemic Constellations

FuzionlogonameGRN-1Greetings from Leslie Ciechanowski,

 As some of you may know I am in my second season studying Family Systemic Constellations with Francesca Mason Boring.  I have also been a long time student of Astrological perspectives of the human experience.   I have begun the first steps of integrating working within the field of systemic constellations and astrological archetypes, and am pleased to announce my first "plunge" in conducting a workshop in this integrative work.

Should you be interested in exploring these "waters", please join me! 

Astrological MandalaSaturday, July 12

East West Bookshop

  11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Astrological Explorations with Systemic Constellations

Come and play in the "Field" on the full moon!  Tap into the astrological energies currently in the sky now, or perhaps in your chart.  Understand the celestial influences with a more fully embodied knowing.  This workshop is an introduction to the integration of astrological understandings and family systemic constellations.  The intention is to come to a greater and more expanded experience of celestial influences at the personal and transpersonal level.