Soul Prayers Feed

There no river

There is no river,

no road,

no distant horizons to follow.

Only thoughts springing

from effervescent souls,

concentrated energy



The road,

webs of thoughts…worn

of paths forming.

The paths are many,

the end the same.


The river,

perceptions of feelings and emotions

all branching from love.

And we,

we are as the energy of thought

a speed.

As cyclic wheels

 in timeless spirals.

We are as we wished,

as we wish,

as we are.

                     Leslie H.Bambic-Ciechanowski 1979  

This world of spirit weavers....


You cannot take

Without giving

You cannot give

Without letting go

You cannot let go

Without changing

You cannot change

Without desire

You cannot desire

Without fire

You cannot have fire

Without spirit

You cannot have spirit

You cannot have spirit

You cannot HAVE spirit



You are spirit

You  are  spirit

You    ARE    spirit


You are spirit

Unfurling and unfolding

Letting go and giving off itself

as you spin

Weaving your own being

Into this world.


This world of spirit weavers.



© 2009 leslie helen bambic ciechanowski




May we awaken to the web of our own creation.


Our Mother - The Forgotten Sacred Feminine

On this auspicious and wonderful day of 9.9.9, I offer an old, little known prayer to our mother earth and the sacred feminine nature of the Divine.  This prayer was found in the bowls of the Vatican and translated from Aramaic by Edmond Bordeaux Szekel in 1928, along with what is known to us as the Essene Gospel of Peace.  It is postulated to have been said by Yeshua/Jesus with his reading of the ”Our Father”.      Peace.


Our Mother

And after this manner (praying to your heavenly Father in the manner we know as the "Our Father") pray to your Earthly Mother: 


 Our Mother which art upon earth,

 hallowed be thy name.

  Thy kingdom come,

 and thy will be done in us,

 as it is in thee.

  As thou sendest every day thy angels,

 send them to us also.

  Forgive us our sins, as we atone all our sins against thee.

 And lead us not into sickness,

 but deliver us from all evil,

 for thine is the earth,

 the body,

 and the health.


When Spirit is my guide...

    I offer this prayer to whomever finds light and healing from its words.  The prayer itself was inspired by the Lord’s Prayer. 

    It is not my intention to suggest that the original is not good enough, or to detract from it’s meaning, but to share one aspect of the meaning I receive from it.   May all beings know the light of their true nature


When Spirit is
 my guide,
I shall not want.

Spirit guides me to healing waters where
Love restores my soul.
Spirit leads me on the path of devotion to love
for Love’s sake.

Though I walk through the valley of strong emotions,
I will fear none,
for Spirit is with me and
Love’s strength and power protects me.

Spirit presents before me
the history of my soul
 and its challenges
that I may forgive myself
and others
with love.

Love fills all the cells
of my body.
My being overflows
with love.

Peace and loving kindness
shall be with me all the days of my life
And I will dwell with
LOVE forever. 

©Fuzion Healing Arts, 2008
Leslie Helen Bambic Ciechanowski